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Banner Ads
Introduce your services to the crowd at, the biggest and most important China-Forum in Europe.
China Trade
Find your trade partner in China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau or Europe!
Show your Internet Homepage to the people that count! Homepages are the most effective means to promote your company on the net. Let us put up your homepage at
You want your own internet address? No problem: We provide full-service internet domains (also available:,, Or let us translate some of your webpages into Chinese, Japanese or Korean. It's cheaper than you would think!
Travel Agents
Need to travel to China? Or inside Europe? No problem: Find the right travel agent in our ever-expanding database!
China Restaurants
Suddenly you find yourself in Europe and don't know where to find Chinese food? Try here and be amazed!
Communication Jobcenter
Get the best people for your translation needs, find people that help you set up your China business -- and more!Database for China-Experts!
Not for spammers: pinboard is the answer to your personal China Questions
Impress your friends by sending a postcard from China even before you go! (Or use this as a means of communication if you don't have your own email at hand)
Tips & Dates
See whats going on around China in your home town! Or - if you are organising any kind of event relevant to the visitors at, get it listed in "real time"!
Keep in contact by chatting with your friends all around the world
Other Services
You want our Asia experts or our webdesigners to solve your problems? Get in touch and see what we can do for you!
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